Rechargeable flashlights

Flashlight А-507
Rechargeable flashlights

Flashlight А-507

Flashlight is equipped with halogen and energy-saving lamps and works in two operating modes: «searchlight and camping».   

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When switching halogen lamp flashlight provides powerful focused light flashing objects at long distances (up to 1 000 meters). When switching luminescent lamp, the flashlight provides soft diffused light (used for room illumination). Mains and automobile adapter enable to charge flashlight from the 220V and 12V mains. Spare lamp is provided in a set.

accumulator 6V, 4AH (RB640C), 35W halogen lamp + spare 25W luminescent lamp of 7W. 
Packing: individual packing — cardrboard box, transport packing — 12 pcs.
EAN code: 4606400102267  


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