Rechargeable flashlights

Flashlight LA-11
Rechargeable flashlights

Flashlight LA-11

housing material: ABS plastic
battery type: built-in acid-lead 4B/1200mAh
light source: 11 LEDs

Two modes of operation:
6 LEDs / 12 hours
11 LEDs / 7 hoursla-11 pict1en.jpg







Decrease the brightness of the LEDs indicates that the battery goes empty. In this case to protect the battery, you should discontinue use of the lamp and put it on charge.

Instructions for pict2en.jpg
Turn off the lamp. Pull the plug, to do this, click and drag it.
Turn on the lamp socket 220V. Green indicator light turns on-charging has started.
The charging time approximately 12 hours
Charging time should not be more than 12 hours.
Attention! Do not include the Lantern while charging. Otherwise the battery fails.

Do not let the battery discharge (LEDs shine dimly). This can cause the battery down.

If the lamp is used, every two months, it must be recharged within 12 hours otherwise the battery life will be reduced greatly.

Protect from rain and moisture.

Specifications: rechargeable lead acid battery 4V, 1200 mAh, light source — 11 LEDs.
Packing: individual packing — blister.
EAN code: 4606400608165


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