0.5W, 1W & 3W LED flashlightes

Flashlight DUO-5-1W
0.5W, 1W & 3W LED flashlightes

Flashlight DUO-5-1W

  • Powerful 1W LED supplies directional light with the range till 100 m. 
  • 2 modes of operations: «Spotlight» - powerful light arrow, «Camping» - filling light 360°.

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  • It can be used for active rest, tourism, hunting, fishing.
  • Time of continuous running using alkaline batteries is 15 hours.
  • Switch-on and switch-off is performed by hanger’s turning respectively to the head part.
  • It is necessary to move the flashlight apart along the axle for operation in «camping» mode.

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Specifications: batteries – 3хАА (R6), light source – High-bright LED 1W. 
individual packing — blister.
EAN code: 4606400104452


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