Bicycle flashlightes

Bicycle flashlightes


Bicycle light «Yarkiy Luch», V-100
Bright 3Wt  LED
High impact housing 
Moisture - proof construction
The light is designed and recommended for bicycle riders, handle –bar mounting is included. 
It is essential part for those who adores night bicycle trips.
3 modes of operation:
«100%» (100 lm)
30% (30 lm)
Optical system of the light (collimator lens) allows to have comfortable trip at average speed in complete darkness detecting on time holes and road humps. «Strobe» mode of operation makes the safe trip during daylight hours. 
Batteries: 4 х ААА (R03) are not included. They provide the light during not less than 2-hour trip («100%» mode of operation)
Moisture – proof construction will save the light during rainy weather. 
Design property: Light rotation with reference to mounting is 360°.
v-100 mix1.jpgv-100 mix2.jpg

v-100 mix3.jpg