Bicycle flashlightes

Bicycle flashlightes


Bicycle light with laser pointers V-052

5 red LEDs, 3 modes of operation:
- permanent light,
- blinking,

2 lateral  laser pointers operate in 2 models of operation:
- permanent light;
- blinking  lines.
You can combine operation modes of LEDs and laser pointers. 
Comfortable design of mounting: easy fix off/fix on of the light.
Moisture-proof construction is to use it during bad weather.
Batteries: 2* ААА (R03) are not included. 

The light projects 2 parallel lines on the road to determine the dimensions of your bicycle. It assists your safety on the road. 

In case you don’t use the light for long time remove the batteries. 
To avoid injury don’t direct the laser pointers to your eyes! 
Change weak batteries on time for bright light of LEDs and lateral pointers.
v052 mix1.jpgv052 mix2.jpgv052 mix3.jpg