Ladoga-trophy 2010. Continuation.
Ladoga-trophy 2010. Continuation.

Start of this grand competition has begun at Saint Isaac's Square: hundreds of multi-colored air - balloons were launched into the sky and Ladoga-Trophy hymn was performed. Vehicles approached to the tribune and the show presenter announced each crew.

Before presentation of the participants our nice girls – employees presented Yarkiy Luch flashlights. They smiled and wished good luck to the crews so friendly that after half an hour everybody wished to make the photo with them and invite them to the crew.

More detailed information on Ladoga–Trophy diary you can find at the official site.

11.jpgHowever our colleagues have been at the most showy special stage of the race, Beach and Dune races. Water, bright sun, sand, splashes, power of engines, adrenalin in the blood, applause of viewers, probably one of the most beautiful days at Ladoga-Trophy.

It must be noted that the best result in Beaсh race was given by Sergey Sokolov driving ATV Yamaha Grizzly from Yarkiy Luch team.

Would like to say a few words about the shallow of Uksa river. Uksa river is famous with its tricky shallow in that many crews had a bath. The fast stream, uninvestigated river bottom with the stones of different size and cold water. Our colleagues decided to try themselves and get over this stage. What happened you can see here.

Ladoga-trophy 2010. Continuation.