Grushinsky festival 2012

hh.jpgIn the first weekend of July Festival of author’s song named after Valery Grushin was held near Samara.

Trophy-marathon PRO-X 2012

newsprox.jpg”Yarkiy Luch” Race. Mission incomplete.



newwss.jpgThe team of “Bright Ray” went to the year 1812.



African diary (continuance)

zagolovoksaxara.jpgMoorish memorials.



African diary
africa2.jpgHot and sand. How much is camel thorn? Notes made by Sahara EX-Road Challenge participant.  
Night orientation
26.jpgIt was Yarkiy Luch company that was offered to be a sponsor of Lembolovskiy Memorial 2011, night orientation competition.  
Knyazhegubskoye Vodokhranilishche 2011 (a water reservoir in Murmansk region)
007.jpgThere is summer again! It’s hot again! Traditionally a group of St-Petersburg tourists, admirers of active rest went to Murmansk region. Expanse of Knyazhegubskoye Vodokhranilishche is so great but vacation is so short...  
23 copy.jpgIt is a pleasure to remind summer, careless days of rest and trips in rainy cloudy autumn.  
Siberian marathon 2011
01.jpgTrophy-expedition «Siberian marathon-2011. Call of Morinkhur (Mongolian bow-instrument)» was organized by Novosibirsk club of extreme auto-travels OFF ROAD MASTER. It started on 18th July to Mongolia.  
«The Night of Music» in Gatchina
05.jpgOr our little help to museum...  
Fishing 2011
09.jpgFishing festival or «More than 10 kg».  
Roschinskiy bike-marathon.
05.jpgUnforgivable participation of «Yarkiy Luch» team at competition.  
Kivarin – Trophy, Spring 2011.
01yarkiy luch.jpgBrief information about competitions this year.  
Internet - academic competition in physics for pupils.
img_06.jpgThe task is about «Yarkiy Luch» T3 LED flashlight for 2 nd tour of academic competition …  
Kuldkala 2010.
01.jpgFishing festival in Estonia.  

Trophy raid Ladoga and trip to Elborus ended, but the test for the new LED flashlight did not!

Trophy-raid Ladoga 2008
Few skeptics believed, but we were sure that our team would certainly get on the podium! We are bronze winners!!!  
Estonian off-road
p1120508-1.jpgYou think there are only good roads in Europe, don't you? No, luckily for the Estonian jeepers, there are roads near Tallinn that ordinary cars can't pass.  
Spring news!
Spring is coming!!! Therefore, nature and man shall awake after winter sleep!!! Do you remember how previous spring started with the Off-road Women?s Day?! This time ТМ Yarkiy Luch decided that spring should start with a male holiday!  
Charity game DozoR!!!
How did you spend last weekend? For instance, thousands of people all over the country with flashlightes in their hands were running along the streets of their native towns all the night for a good goal!  
Russian Trophy 2007 Results
At last «Indian summer» came; therefore, it's time to summarize various results of the previous season. The fans of professional off-road movement are not the exception.  
Off-road show
Let's bring joy to the children together!!!

На прошлой неделе сотрудники нашей компании установили, что связь с инопланетянами существует.

“Yarkiy Luch” looked into Pandora’s box

pandora.jpgThe cave “Pandora’s box” is located in the Kuznetsk Alatau of the republic of Khakassia.

Off-Road Women's Day

111.jpgMarch 8, near the lake «Mednoye» in the Vsevolozhsky district the VII off-road women's day - car festival, dedicated to the international women's day took place.