Technical support

Why cannot I switch a rechargeable flashlight on during charging it?

Answer: This may result in breakdown of a charger. A powerful halogen lamp is mounted in a flashlight, consuming current that exceeds rated charger current ten times.


What is the service life of an accumulator?

Answer: In average, an accumulator is designed for 500 cycles. In order to increase its service live, we shall recommend its «training» prior to use. To perform this, keep a new flashlight charging for 15 hours, then discharge it. Repeat this cycle 3 times. If you do this, the flashlight shall serve for a very long time. You should not allow the accumulator to discharge completely, keeping it in discharged condition. This will significantly shorten its «life».


What does a flashlight run duration depend on?

Answer: Two main factors affect flashlight run duration: — capacity of power supply. If you use batteries, then a flashlight working from alkaline batteries shall operate 5-7 times longer that when working from zinc batteries. — light source (the less the power of lamp used is, the less is flashlight running time, and vice versa).


A lamp in my flashlight has burnt out, and I would like to change it.

1) How can I determine type of the lamp?

2) Where can I buy a lamp?



1) Type of the lamp indicated on packing or in user manual for flashlight. You can also find it on our website in catalogue section.

2) You can find list of the shops in section «Where to buy».