150 kilometers in 50 hours

00005.jpg«The High-Speed Zhiguly Race»



There are a lot of High-speed Zhiguli races ,such as are water, bicycle, ski, but we'll tell about the most difficult of them - the pedestrian one.
These competitions were invented and first performed in 2005 by tourists for tourists.
The task is to go 150 km on a creepy road, by a team of 4 people minimum, in 50 hours. The teams choose the tactics of the route themselves. There are several variants: exit to route fully loaded - with backpacks of 60 liters and weighing 10- 15 kg, sleeping bags, tents, kettles, burners and other tourist's equipment, with a planned overnight stay. Or complete absence of backpacks and non-stop movement, with short halts, but without campsite and without cooking food on the burner.
In different years it means: cold, wind, rain/showers, snow, sun, fog and always an immense amount of dirt under your feet, on your shoes, pants and gear.
According to statistics not more than 15-25% of the declared teams reach the finish line.
And the participants of this race are not tourists deprived of experience. But these are really competitions held in extreme situations, extreme physical exertion in a natural environment.
Most of the way the participants have to move in a dark time of the day in extremely high humidity. Accordingly, it makes high demands to the quality of manufacture, the brightness and duration of life for portable light sources of the participants. In a blur rain, on the impassable roads crashed by the cars, when dark surrounds you - light quality makes a huge contribution to the final result of the team.