Motor rally “Trophy-Victory March"
92014.jpgIt is already for the 5th year Jeep pilots on the eve of the 9th of May congratulate veterans living in the Kostroma province.

In the year 1941 8,5 thousand of men and women Chuhlomsky district left for the the Great Patriotic War Front. Only 18 veterans are alive today.

Swamp slime, clay, track and thicket. The route of the participants of the “Trophy-victory March" often resembles the real front-line roads. During several days the Jeep drivers passed about 120 km.

This time 40 crews of trophy participants of Kostroma region, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Kineshma and other cities went to congratulate the veterans with the Victory Day.
Each veteran was brought presents by the participants of the “Trophy-Victory March", our flashlights and nameplates on the houses.
But the main thing - the words of gratitude and deep respect for our Victory!