Cup of Velikaya river

19.jpgYarkiy Luch explores water sport.


Kayak orienteering open competition  took place  along Velikaya river, 10 km away from Pskov. The main rule is mixed crew. Each kayak has 2 persons: the sailor (a girl) and the captain (a man).
Speed race opened the competition. 28 crews started from Olginskiy bridge close to Pskov Kremlin. The crews should pass around 15 km. The next stage is kayak orienteering. The participants should  score points as much as possible over a particular period of time. The number of points for checkpoint depends on its farness and difficulty to get it. To reach many difficult checkpoints competitors should be up to their middle in water and sometimes swim. The set of prizes for tug-of –war  was  also hold  in the programme of competitions. 2 kayaks are bound stern-to –stern by the rope and tried to paddle for its own benefit. Yarkiy Luch crew paddled with all its force. Now, all the year we will treat our callosities on our hands and train, train, train)))
The winners of competitions have got our Yarkiy Luch torches as a prize.
Thanks to event planners for their Work, thanks to cooks for delicious meal! See you soon!