PRO-X 2014
24.jpgTrophy Boutique PRO-X 2014, International competition for all-wheel –drive vehicle took place between St-Petersburg and Moscow from 21 to 27 June.

Prologue for crews of such sport categories as «LIGHT», «MEDIUM» and  «HARD» was very eventful. The participants should pass not easy route within 20 minutes. This route included different obstacles that are the pot with water, moor, flagstones and hills with scarp slopes. Essentially all crews coped with this task. 
The route of the first day in «SMART» category (the competition for soft-roaders) included 5 checkpoints from where the competitors should get coach hints for the next stage. Each day the participants of Trophy Boutique PRO-X 2014 competed at new special stage. During a week the crews tried themselves in all disciplines of trophy and rally-raids: line special stages according to Road Book and GPS, free style orienting on GPS points, circuit race on sand, night special stage, a day in Rainforest Challenge style with jeep –trial elements. The interchange of different off-road disciplines inserted variety and brought a joy to sportsmen by its individuality. The special stages change each year. New comers and old residents have the equal terms.