Extreme automobile expedition
16.jpgYarkiy Luch congratulates Off Road Master Novosibirsk club on successful traversal of the most difficult route.

Gorny Altai - the pearl of Siberia, the heart of Altai - Teletskoye lake.
Teletskoye lake – one of the main Altai sightseeing. It is 77 km in length, 300 m in depth, 40 cubic meters of the purest water, 2nd place in Russia after Baikal the greatest planet’s lake.
The shortest possible way how to ride Teletskoye lake from north to south was discussed many times in web space. For the first time such route was passed by Siberian motor sportsmen 10 years ago. However it lasted 44 days. The expedition was lost, people were hungry, one motor-cycle  had to be buried, the others were roped down by hand… The cross-functional team from Altai consisting of 2 four-wheelers and 3 qualified off-roaders challenged again for this route in 2013. Four-wheelers passed!
But the helicopter had to take the Off-roaders  off the route. Off Road Master Novosibirsk club team could pass this route by off-roaders. The expedition started in Novosibirsk on 21st July in 2014.
20140721_104830.jpg The route distance is 3500 km, the  time period is 21 days. Off Road Master did what nobody had managed to do before!
Our congratulations! Good job!