We will go to the North.
9.jpgOFF ROAD MASTER club told Yarkiy Luch about the expedition to the Arctic regions. «SNOWSTORM 2014: Heading to the Arctic regions, the shores of Kara Sea and Barents Sea» annual winter trophy –expedition started on 20th February. Our friends from OFF ROAD MASTER Novosibirsk club of extreme automobile trips drove to Yugor Peninsula. The route distance is 7 000 km. Time period – 21 days. The route: Novosibirsk-Ishim-Tobolsk-Nyagan-Beryezovo-Salekhard-Vorkuta-Amderma-Ust-Kara-Vorkuta-Inta-Ukhta-Ekaterinburg-Omsk-Novosibirsk.