Malaysia.Rainforest Challenge.

007.jpgRainforest Challenge Terengganu is considered to be  the coolest trophy-race in Asia.

More than 10 years people from different countries of the world visit Rainforest Challenge to test themselves in impenetrable jungle. 500 km along Malaysian jungle, moors, desolate territories, - the test for strength not only vehicles but also people.
Competitions are hold for 10 days, from 29th November to 8th December. It is not coincidence that this time period was chosen for race. It is period when the rain period starts in Malaysia (its location is 400 km from the Equator). Every year the competition is arranged in this period of time to make the struggle among the participants to the utmost acute. 10 days in the heavy rain, knee deep in slurry, 10 days in jungle infested with bloodsuckers: mosquitoes and leeches – that is what Yarkiy Luch crew will test!