Ice of Baikal.
019.jpgOffroadMaster Novosibirsk club expedition finished at Baikal on the 4th March.
Winter Baikal is fabulously nice! Transparent ice, ice grots and drifts, places where you can’t visit in summer, hot springs. The rout includes official and wild winter roads of Baikal, the most variable sightseeing visiting and the rest in hot springs.
The rout: Novosibirsk-Krasnoyarsk-Tulun-Bratsk-Severobaykalsk-2400 km. Then Severobaykalsk-Ust-Barguzin. Winter road on icy Baikal with rides to hot springs (according to your choice – Cape Kotelnikovskiy / Khakusy/ Bay Zmeinaya) 400 km.
Ust-Barguzin – Cape Khoboy (island Olkhon) – Khuzhir-Maloye Sea – Elantsy. Wild and official winter roads- 300 km.
Elantsy-Irkutsk-Novosibirsk-2000 km.  Finish of the route. The time period is 12 days. Distance is 5200 km.