Vitality and bravery.
002.jpgAround 70 off-road vehicles spent 8 March in the open air not far from St-Petersburg. Off-road Women’s Day is entertaining races, cheerful competition and interesting tasks for a whole family.
Competition is hold in 2 categories: «automobile» and «on foot».
Every team should consist of 2 persons. The main term is one of the participants should be female. Automobile category includes the drivers of any vehicle: from crossover utility vehicle to classic off-roader. The main point is to have the all - wheel drive in good order.  Providers promised that teams and competition were organized in such way that even new comer could cope with the task and at the same time it would be interesting for experienced sportsmen.  But weather made its allowances. Winter was snowy this year and the snow-break lasting for one week with constant drizzling rain made the snow be «interesting» obstacle   even for experienced sportsmen.
«Trial», «sprint», «bank to bank maneuver», «out to out» and «blind driver»: drivers made big tracing ruts at some parts of the route bringing more difficulty to competition without their will.  
For example – last year «blind driver» competition caused only lost of time for newcomers but this year brought unbelievable difficulties. Some vehicles should be pull out by the recovery trucks.
«Blind driver»: the driver with bandage eyes should pass the route as quick as possible listening to the instructions of his navigator.
«Golf», « Ski», «Snowy shooting room», «climbing» - children took part with more enthusiasm than adults in «on foot» category competition.
In general Off –roader Women day appeared to be bright, cheerful and interesting for the whole family. Everybody got the real spirit of cheerfulness and good mood!
Thank the competition providers for their job!