028.jpgThe rally took place from 22th June to 26th June this year.


TROPHY BOUTIQUE is a competition for off roaders that happens 6 years in succession in Bologoye suburbs, between Moscow and St Petersburg.
The vehicles ready to cross the serious off-road conditions as well as standard crossovers can take part.
Trophy Boutique – a week rally  that each day offers  a new task, a new special stage: linear rally by Road book and GPS, free orientation by GPS points and the map, round sand rally, elements of jeep trial and sprint.
The strongest sportsmen from the different regions of our country and foreign countries take part in sport competitions of Trophy Boutique 2015
Trophy Boutique is famous for its  variety of races even in the frames  of one special stage of the rally.
The vehicle starts at moor, then moves along clay wheel tracks, stone rivers, storms sandy ups and downs.
The variety of the land and earth, the richest natures – that’s why the organizers choose Valdai Hills for rally.
One more thing is that Trophy Boutique is a wonderful place for the rest of the whole family!
Soft-wood forest and pure lakes help to rest from hustle and  bustle of the city.
Here you can find all conditions for family rest, starting from the children’s  playground with the bouncy castle  to canoes and boats riding.
Specially for the visitors several stages were arranged from where they could watch the off-roaders rally.
You can find more details at Diary of TROPHY BOUTUQUE rally.