Pilgrims Family tourist rally

001.jpgAt the end of May close to Lembolovo platform being a good tradition the 36th family tourist meeting took place.

The history of this rally  runs deeply in 70th of the 20th century.
It all started with the several families and now years after the children of those families being parents themselves bring their children to spend quality time during weekend in the open air.
The quantity of the participants increases each year.
About 500 children are registered this year. People of any age can take part at tourist meeting.
Entry level route is intended for babies (under 3 years old)  Further are the children (3 -5 years old), preschoolers (5-7 years old), middle (7-9 years old), senior (9-12 years old) and 12-15 years old.
Meeting started on Saturday evening, the participants came with whole families, camped down at the place of meeting.
Further a bonfire was arranged. It was devoted to the Great Patriotic War, the songs of that time were sung. 
On Sunday morning after the opening celebratory assembly the rally started. 
Parents with the children making teams perform the tasks at the stages.
The passes among these stages were for quite a distance  and across country. 
In spite of physical development this rally allows all participants to communicate with someone of their ages, with more experienced tourists and to share with each other experience and useful advices.
On Sunday evening closing assembly all distinguished people were awarded by the rally badges and prizes.
Our Yarkiy Luch torches were among the prizes.
We would like to thank the organizers of the rally for their job!