Rogaining in Pskov
0019.jpgThe 10th anniversary open canoe

orienting events took place in Velikaya river delta (Pskov city) from 19 to 21 June.
Orienting took place in the low water area that was nearby to one of the islands groups from where start was began.
The participants should as quicker as they could to be marked at  the checkpoints.
The distance should be passed in the intended direction, it means that checkpoints should be reached in the strict fixed sequence.
If the order of checkpoints capture was not followed  the team was exempted from the competition.
The distance was 6 km long, 7 checkpoints. The orientation time of the winner is 60 minutes.
Orientation by choice is 5 hours. 27 checkpoints are installed.
The distance  while all checkpoints capturing is 40 km.
Time allowed for passing through the distance is 5 hours. 
During this time the crew should gain probable maximum points. 
The set of awards were hold in  water tug-of-war. 2 canoes are roped  stern-to-stern and upon «go» command they try to paddle over  the rival.
We thank the organizers for wonderful sport festival!