The 15th Anniversary

066.jpgYarkiy Luch  was a part of Nashestvie 2015 (rock  festival)


XV Anniversary festival NASHESTVIE took place in Tverskaya region on 3,4 and 5 July.
The main rock event of the summer was visited by around 200 thousand of people.
Concerts were performed at 2 stages during 3 days.
The first day of the festival finished with the grand fireworks of 1000 volleys.
On Saturday afternoon «Russian Falcons» pilots group appeared in the sky above Bolshoye Zavidovo.
Pilots navigating their fighter planes demonstrated the elements of the air fight and the most difficult aerobatic maneuvers to the visitors of the main summer event.
The performance of the aerial skilled persons during rock festival could not leave anybody untouched. 
Nashestvie has become a real family fest. This year as usual  there were a lot of entertainments for the smallest visitors.
Adults  were not bored too.
Sport stages, art exhibition «Rock in colors» , cinema in the open air, the zone of the historical reconstruction, table games, exhibition of the military machines completed T-34 tank and famous «Katyusha» in honor of the 70th anniversary of  the victory  in Great Patriotic War.