The“Yarkiy Luch” team

The «Yarkiy Luch» team member, a rising star of the Estonian Cycling Alari-Fredi Liik successfully performs at the competitions.

Alari-Fredi Liik is a seventeen years old cyclist from Estonia, Harjumaa region. On this year’s competitions he stands for Sports Club CFC, Tallinn.

Also, the athlete is a representative of the «Yarkiy Luch» company in Estonia, and we are very pleased to share the success of our brand ambassador with you!



Alari-Fredi is now holding the first place in his age group competition at KOMO Karikasari (Como Cup). It consisted of six different series of cycling and about 100 professional sportsmen have participated in it. Alari-Fredi has won in each and every of the four overpast series!



At the same time, by the overall results of the last five series of Hawaii Express cup (Estonian Cup), our athlete is ranked fifth in his age group.

Hawaii Express cup (Estonian Cup) is the largest Estonian cycling marathon series, which happens annualy since the year 2001. The race, which consists of several series, is performed on the new route in the different parts of the country each series. Over 700 professional sportsmen are competing for the cup. Alari-Fredi is taking part in the marathon, a 50–70 km distance at each series.

We are proud to support the young athlete and we wish our champion success and the victory in the race!